FAQ and Disclaimer



The dolls our company produces are not toys for children and will not be sold to the minors. Please don’t put them in the places which the children can come into contact with. If there are any minors who get in touch with this product, the guardian should bear the responsibility. 

All the doll’s modeling of our company are independently created and completed by our craftsmen and all are original works which don’t involve any real portraits. In the meantime, the dolls our company produces will not imitate or refer to any real persons for makeup. If  there are circumstances under which our dolls resemble real persons, it will be just a coincidence. After sold, our dolls shall not be used by customers for imitation or comparison with real persons, for example, our company will not be responsible for any portrait right problems or disputes caused thereby.

Does the doll include any electronic features which enhance the pleasure experience such as a vibrating vagina or rotating tongue?

EXDOLL do not have electronic features such as vibrators or rotating tongues. We believe vibrators are used to enliven artificial-feeling vinyl love dolls, but this is not needed with RealDoll. However, if you enjoy the added stimulation, RealDolls do work well with such devices. You can use any sex toy imaginable with your doll, and in a very realistic way. Silicone transfers vibration well.

Do you have any used or flawed dolls?

We don’t have used dolls and we don’t recycle them. We occasionally will have a doll with a surface flaw that we will list them as special offers. We do not sell dolls with mechanical flaws. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us at service@exdoll.com or dylan@exdoll.com  We will get back to you with a list of the flawed products. 

Can I use cosmetics on the doll that I purchased from EXDOLL?

If you are planning to use cosmetics to change the look of your doll, we recommend using powdered cosmetics such as foundation powder, blushes, eye shadows, that work well on silicon surfaces. We don’t recommend using cream/oil-based makeup such as liquid foundation because they won’t disperse well on silicone. Your doll can be cleaned with normal cosmetic removers and/or mild detergents. Avoid removers that are too oily, as they will be difficult to clean from the silicone skin.

Bathing & showering with my doll

Bath your doll with a soap or a gentle detergent in warm water. If your doll has a removable head, make sure to cover the neck to prevent water from getting in the inner part of the body. After rinsing your doll, dry the body with a shower towel and apply dusting powder or baby powder to prevent stickiness.

Are there items of clothing that can damage my doll?

Dark clothing which is dyed with low quality dyes can stain the silicone if the doll is stored with these items on for long periods of time (10 days or more). As a precaution, wash all dark and vibrant colored clothes before putting them on your doll.

Very tight or binding straps left on your doll over an extended period of time can form dents in her flesh, much the way it does on a real person; unlike a real person’s flesh, however, the silicone can lose shape memory. In other words, it’s fine to dress your doll in corsets or underwire bras, etc., but don’t store her in these types of clothing for extended periods of time. 

Very tight or binding straps left on your doll over an extended period of time can form dents in her flesh, much the way it does on a real person; unlike a real person’s flesh, however, the silicone can lose shape memory. In other words, it’s fine to dress your doll in corsets or underwire bras, etc., but don’t store her in these types of clothing for extended periods of time.

For what size of clothes you should buy for your doll, take a look at our size chart, it provides measurements to help you find the right size for your doll.

What is the range of the doll’s joints?

Head: the doll’s head can turn to the right and the left freely. However, the head-lifting and head-bowing should not exceed 45 degrees and the head swaying to the right and the left should not go beyond 45 degrees.

Shoulders and upper arms: the upper arms can be raised forward as high as the chest, that is about 60 degrees forward. They can be bent slightly backward for 5-10 degrees. They can be raised to both sides horizontally as high as  to the chest level, that is about 60 degrees in the directions of both sides. When the upper arms are being folded inside like a chest-hugging position, they should not exceed the ches, that is about 15 degrees innside.

The lower arms and wrists: The doll’s lower arms can rotate in one direction for 90 degrees. Because we set displacement restrictions on the bones, the lower arms can not bend or rotate in the other directions. The doll’s writs can bend up and down and the angles are 45 degrees up and down separately. The lower arms can rotate and the angles are 60 degrees limit.

Waist: the doll’s waist can bend to the left and right horizontally and the angles for this are limited to 30 degrees. The angles for waist bending forward and backward are limited to 40 degrees. When the body rotates right and left, the angles will be limited to 40 degrees. When the waist is bent and rotated simultaneously, angles in all directions are superimposed and the limits are reduced by half. For example, bend the waist to the left while twist it at the same time, the angle limits in all directions will be reduced to the maximum of 20 degrees.

Hips and thighs: The thighs of the DS dolls can be separated to both sides to the maximum of 130 degrees and for single leg splitting the leg can be lifted to 100 degrees. However, we don’t recommend opening the doll’s thighs too wide and the action can produce much pulling force on the doll’s silicon which is easy to cause damage. The safe angle for opening the legs is about 50 degrees maximum to both sides and not over 15 degrees of the body’s vertical line to the inside. For a single leg, it should not be lifted upward over 90 degrees and bent backward over 15 degrees of the body’s vertical line. 

Knees and ankles: The lower legs can be bent backward to the maximum of 120 degrees and the recommended angle is 100 degrees. They have mechanical displacement restrictors and cannot be bent forward. Its ankles can be rotated up and down and the angle is 45 degrees totally. Similarly they have mechanical displacement restrictors and cannot be rotated too much. 

Although our dolls can make movements in larger scope, the aforesaid angles are the officially recommended activity restrictions and if the limited angles are exceeded, silicon’s local damage and tear may be caused.

How do I move my doll?

The best way to move your doll is to have him or her on a rolling chair such as a wheelchair or office chair. This makes it easier for you to avoid injury and it is less likely the doll will be dropped. When this is not an option, either lift the doll in the bridal lift or lift the doll from under its arms, like the bear hug, chest to chest. Always avoid tangling hands and feet in bedding or clothes, and make sure to keep the hands in a protected position crossed over the doll’s chest, or over your shoulders to avoid damage when the doll is set down. Be cautious to avoid over-stretching or damaging the breasts when carrying your doll. Please do not pull on the fingers, hands, toes, arms or legs, or throw your doll as a damage could occur. Dropping or putting a doll down too hard can also result in damage.


What is the best way to store my doll?

To protect the dolls and make sure they can be used for a long time, there are certain requirements for the storage space. Good doll storage environment can prevent the aging of the silicon skin and internal parts and extend their service life greatly. 

Prevent long-time exposure to the sun. direct sun bathing should be avoided because the silicon’s color will fade slightly after the long-term sun exposure. 

Prevent dust sticking. Lots of dust should be avoided because there are stickiness and static electricity on the silicone’s surface which makes it easy for the dust to stick to the surface. When the doll is placed, please make all efforts to prevent the dust from falling on it to avoid the inconvenience for cleansing.  

Avoid dampness. A moist environment should be avoided because the inside of the doll is filled with sponge which will absorb water in the wet environment. It is fine to wipe or bathe the doll with water, but soaking the doll in water for a long time should be forbidden. It is absolutely not allowed to pour water into the part of the neck where there are connectors. The doll’s inside is stuffed with sponge. Once water gets inside, it is hard for the doll to dry.

Prevent surface staining. Please don’t put the doll on the artificial leather or dyed leather chairs for long, for the color of the oil-soluble pigment contained in this kind of objects may seep into the silicone. After the silicone is put on this kind of object for more than 2 hours, serious color changes will appear and the color that will seep inside it is very difficult to be eradicated.

Pay attention to the storage temperature. Too high or too low room temperature both should be avoided. Silicone cannot be put in too low or too high environment for a long time and please keep the storage environment temperature between 5 ℃ – 35℃ (41℉ – 95℉). On winter days, an electric blanket can be used to warm the doll, but be sure that its temperature will not be too high. 

Prevent the doll from being squeezed. Please avoid compressing it when the doll is stored away. Long-term compression will distort the silicone and sponge. Please don’t put heavy objects on the doll. Please avoid squeezing or tightening parts of the doll for a long time.

Keep the doll in the posture free from external force. When placed, the doll should be kept in an unfolding posture and being bent or squeezed for a long time will result in the cracks and folds of the silicone.

Can I get a doll with no seam lines?

No, it is not possible for a doll to be made with no seam lines because of how they are molded. Our skilled artisans carefully trim all of the seams by hand to make them as low profile and unnoticeable as possible.